Encryption and Storage

All connections are protected with SHA 256bit with RSA encryption. Passwords are marked with a separate salt and encrypted with Bcrypt

At rest our data is subject to AWS grade security – all our data is stored within AWS data centers (ISO 27001 compliant) in the European Union and is subject to the most stringent data security regulations by default.

Access Control

Permissions setting at a fine resolution allows for complete control of data amongst a diverse stakeholder (user) base

Our system allows complete control over which users or groups or user can access specific resources, with both usability and security in mind our platform has been designed to prevent lost or previously opened entry pathways to data going unnoticed, unlike some of the incumbent storage platforms

Audit Trail

A user level audit trail is maintained for administrators to view all actions which are conducted within the data room

Our system allows complete visibility over any potentially malicious user behavior internal or external to the organisation