Disintermediation is Coming to a Renewable Energy Market Near You

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates non-hydropower renewables will capture 15% of the global electricity market by 2040. That means we should expect coal, natural gas and nuclear power to continue to dominate for decades to come. Not surprising, when you consider the massive public subsidies gifted to the fossil fuel industry year after year. Governments around the world continue to spend around $5 trillion per annum, or 6.5% of GDP, supporting these industries. Around $2.5 trillion went to coal power in 2016 according to economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). So much for a free market.

At ENIAN we’re applying disintermediation to the global renewable energy market by sidestepping the traditional brokered path to development financing. With $3 billion in deal flow already live on our marketplace, it’s easy to see how demand for direct investment in the commercial solar PV, wind and energy storage markets can thrive digitally. As we move toward enabling direct investments from sophisticated investors and funds through our platform, we aren’t losing sight of the bigger picture: renewable energy needs to leverage digital tools to accelerate a global market transformation faster than ever before. Fortunately or not, we can’t rely on the same welfare that our fossil fuel friends have benefited from over the last many decades, but with a little perseverance maybe we won’t have to.