How do I create a new project?

To create a new project, you can choose from:

  • Using a pre-set template tailored to different technology types
  • Creating a new template from scratch to suit you workflow
  • Using a custom template that you’ve already created
  • Duplicating an existing project and renaming it
How can I organize my projects?

The platform lets you create your own system of portfolios for storing your projects. For example, you could create portfolios for regions or countries, technology types, or project maturity. You can also store projects directly on your workspace if you prefer not to classify them.

How do I invite people to my workspace? And how can I control what they can see and do?

We have three types of user that you can invite to your workspace, depending on what level of access you want to give them:

User General permissions Project-level permissions Who they can invite
Administrator Can see and do everything

Can see all users and modify their permission levels 

Can see company settings and edit them

Can see every project in the company, regardless of whether they are assigned to it Administrators, Editors, Guests
Editor Can’t see company settings

Can see all users and their permission levels

Can see projects they are assigned to in full

Can only invite Guests on projects they are assigned to

Can edit and see everything

Can create new projects

Guest Can’t see company settings or financials

Can’t see their own KPIs

Can’t see user pages but can see user avatars

Can see the overview, schedule and documents of a project that is assigned to them

Can’t add users to a project

Can’t create a new project


When inviting someone new, you’ll be asked what type of user you would like to create and which projects you’d like them to access. If you don’t specify any projects, the user will only have access to the actions, documents and tasks which are assigned to them.

How can I share a project with someone?

When you create a project, you can share it with your team by sending invitations directly from your workspace. Once the project is live, you can invite more team members from the project overview page. You can also assign new people to the project at the same time as you invite them to your workspace.

Can I restrict what someone does on a project?

Yes. They will automatically be restricted to the permission levels of their user type. You can also restrict them to the documents, actions and tasks that are assigned to them, if you choose not to invite them to the project itself.

What is the difference between a document, an action and a task?

Projects are broken down by both documents and actions. A task is then a subset of either of these. For example, if you create an action for on-site work by engineers then a task could be a single site visit.

How can I assign a document, action or task to someone?

Simply click on the plus symbol next to it and you’ll be able to assign it to any members of your team.

How does an action’s progress get calculated?

Once you’ve set up a ‘start date’ and ‘due date’ for the action, you can let your team members manually input how much they’ve completed of each task. The platform will then automatically work out the progress of the action, so you can see if it is behind or ahead of schedule.

How can I add new fields to my project’s financials?

As there is no industry standard for financials, the platform lets you choose your preferred  metrics from our library. You can also create your own.

How can I share project data with someone outside my workspace?

The easiest way to share your data is by giving someone a guest account. Alternatively, you can download a snapshot of the dashboard and your project overview and then share these by PDF.

Can I export my data from the platform?

Yes. You can export your data in the following ways:

  • Dashboard in .csv or .xlsx format
  • Financials in .csv or xlsx format
  • Schedule in .csv format
What are the security features of the platform?

Enian offers sophisticated encryption of your data, both when it’s being stored idly on our database and when it’s being transferred to and from your workspace. We also offer 2-factor authentication for Pro subscribers, and the option for Enterprise subscribers to use their own SAML single sign-on system.

Can I transfer files from different applications?

Yes. You can upload documents to the platform in bulk or you can add them one at a time. 

We accept most file types.

How are documents presented in my workspace?

Any documents you upload will be displayed under the documents tab. Here you will find a container for each document, showing its title; status; and when it was uploaded or created. You’ll also be able to see the folder you’ve put it in and any tags that you’ve added. To view the document inside, simply click ‘view details’.

What do the different colours mean?

We’ve used the following color-coding system:

Green = documents

Light blue = actions

Cyan = tasks

Purple = groups

Black = milestones

How do I pay my subscription?

We will automatically charge your payment method each month and send you an invoice. You can find your charge date in your billing settings.