How do I generate a cash flow and view analysis for a project?

To generate a cash flow and view analysis for a project, click on the ‘create project’ button on your dashboard. Fill-in the project details, including technical and financial details (takes ~10 mins) and click ‘next’. You’ll then be taken to that project’s data room where you can upload files and begin populating your due diligence checklist (note: you can skip this step and come back later, but make sure you ‘save’ the project details before navigating back to your dashboard).

Once you ‘save’ the project details our engine will generate your project cash flow and analysis, which you’ll be able to view, access or change from the dashboard any time. To access the new cash flow and view analysis, simply click on the analysis button on the project card for that project, you can also download your cash flow from inside the analysis screen.

How do I compare projects? How many projects can I compare at once?

Once you’ve created at least two projects on your dashboard, click on the ‘compare’ button for each project. You’ll see these projects logged in the comparison tracker which is located in the upper-right hand corner of the dashboard. Click on the comparison button to view results.

You can compare up to five projects at one time. To remove projects from the comparison tracker, click on the tracker and then click on the ‘x’ next to the name of the project that you would like to remove.

How do I generate multiple cash flows and analyses for the same project?

To do this you will need to copy the project card. Simply click on the copy icon on the project card to create an exact duplicate for that project. Click on the project name to navigate to the technical and financial details and adjust them. Don’t forget to save the new project details by clicking on the save button in the data room.

How do I save my analysis in .pdf?

To save your analysis in .pdf, just click on the ‘teaser’ button for that project card and a report will be automatically generated from your data.

What if my IRR, NPV or LCOE results are different from you platform results?

Our analytics engine has been created by industry experts with many decades of renewable energy sector experience. If your offline results are differing significantly from ours then please contact a member of our support team and we are happy to try and find the issue: support@enian.co 

How are you forecasting AEP?

We use MEERA-2 (NASA) and SARAH-2 (ESA) satellite data to provide an instant view of the available solar irradiance or wind speed resource for any location in real-time.

Irradiance and wind speed data is combined with local data and calibrated automatically by our algorithms to calculate the project’s energy output.

How do I add my team to the dashboard?

Adding your team is easy, just select the ‘Invite people’ button from your dashboard and enter the email address of the team member you’d like to add. Select their role and account preferences and you’re good to go! 

There are two different types of dashboard users: admins and team members: 

When an admin is invited to your dashboard they will have full access to your entire pipeline, including editing project details, adding/ removing files from the data room and creating new projects. 

Team members only have access to the specific projects that you share with them. To share a project with a team member who has accepted an invitation to join your dashboard simply select the ‘share’ button next to the project card that you would like to share with them and enter their details. 

Note: while you can add unlimited team members to your dashboard, administrator accounts are charged a subscription fee.

Can I only invite users to a project who are already signed up to the platform?

No, you can also invite guests to access files in the project’s data room. To add a guest, first click on the name of the project in the project card. This will take you to that project’s data room. Then click on the file you want to share and select ‘share’ from the file menu. You’ll be asked to enter the guest’s email address and role.

Your guest will then receive an email in their inbox with your organization name and the file name. They’ll be asked to sign up (takes 2 mins) without providing any credit card details. Once signed up they will be able to access and comment on the file you’ve shared. 

You can share unlimited files with unlimited guests. To remove a guest, navigate to the file in the data room that you’ve shared and just click the ‘x’ next to their email address.

How many projects can an admin create?

The number of projects an admin can create is unlimited and the amount of storage space in each data room is unlimited.

Who has access to my pipeline?

Only admins have access to your pipeline. If an admin shares a project card with a team member or multiple team members, then they will also have access to that specific project’s details and data room.

Guests only have access to the specific files shared with them from inside a project’s data room (note: only admins can invite guests).

When I add project details, for example technical or financial details, to a project does that data appear on the map?

No. Who you share your project details with is 100% up to you.

The data in the map is mined from open data sources only (e.g. government and academic sources). This includes details for 55,000 operational solar PV and wind power plants as well as granular grid details for 222 countries.

How accurate is the data in the map?

We extract data only from robust government and academic sources. Where other firms rely on human analysts to collect data over the phone, through press releases or via Google search, we go directly to the data source and use artificially intelligent algorithms to automate data validation. This includes details for 55,000 operational solar PV and wind power plants as well as granular grid details for 222 countries.

That said, our data is only as good as its source. While have a proven process for correcting errors we find in the data, we aren’t perfect. If you come across any data points that you feel are erroneous, please don’t hesitate to report it and we will aim to correct any errors in less than 24 hours: support@enian.co

Can I edit categories and/or sub-categories in the data room?

No, but you can create unlimited new categories and sub-categories. The data rooms are structured according to global best practice guidelines for commercial renewable energy due diligence. Our research has found that investors are more likely to spend time reviewing an investment opportunity if the information being shared is structured according to the guidelines we follow. 

We know from experience of course that every project is different, so it is still possible to create new categories to capture local processes or guidelines as needed.

How secure is my project data on your platform?

Encryption and storage: All connections are protected with SHA 256bit with RSA encryption. Passwords are marked with a separate salt and encrypted with Bcrypt

All data is stored in ISO 27001 compliant facilities in the European Union and is subject to the most stringent data security regulations.

Access control: Permissions setting at a fine resolution allows for complete control of data amongst a diverse stakeholder (user) base

Our system allows complete control over which users or groups or user can access specific resources, with both usability and security in mind our platform has been designed to prevent lost or previously opened entry pathways to data going unnoticed, unlike some of the incumbent storage platforms

Audit trail: A user level audit trail is maintained for administrators to view all actions which are conducted within the data room. Our system allows complete visibility over any potentially malicious user behavior internal or external to the organisation

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just select the ‘Subscription and billing’ option from the dashboard and then click the ‘Cancel subscription’ button.