Our story

After 8 great years as a project manager in Edinburgh, Phillip began to worry about the slow and inefficient pace of renewables development. While he felt passionate about the work, he considered the development process too inefficient and costly to compete:

“I remember sitting with our engineering partners one afternoon to review our timetable for a small wind farm in the Highlands,” he recalls. “Our team for a single wind farm involved 16 independent specialists and contractors, and we were using email and shared links to collaborate. It seemed so old school. The lack of visibility of contractors leads to inflated costs and information sharing over email and with links is insecure and inefficient.”

Convinced that more efficient collaboration was possible, Phillip turned to his old friend Varun Sharma for advice. Having experienced the painful inefficiencies of project validation and portfolio monitoring as an energy analyst at a major investment bank, Varun had come to the same conclusion:

“On the investor-side pre-qualifying and tracking renewables deals is a complex, lengthy and inefficient process,” he says. “What the industry needs is a streamlined way for developers, investors and advisors to access and share information efficiently and securely.”

After carrying out dozens of interviews with renewables developers, investors and advisors across four continents, Phillip and Varun were inspired to learn that professionals everywhere had felt the same frustrations. Professionals across the value chain were fed up with the lack of purpose-built software tailored to their needs that would help them compete in a market of falling costs and razor thin margins.

Backed by senior execs at leading global firms in energy and banking, ENIAN is on a mission to fix our broken energy system with data and software. Our flagship platform is the first enterprise SaaS solution that provides all of the management tools professionals need in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Our six core values

(who we are and how we work)


We aim to give our customers and employees a competitive edge.


We take decisions based
on data, not politics.


We aim to uphold the highest standards in software development and customer experience.

Thinking big

We only build products that scale globally.


We take responsibility for the future.


We believe in the power of technology to make the world a better place.