Climate change is a symptom of a broken energy system.

But how can we fix a system we can’t see? At ENIAN we believe that the
biggest barrier to solving climate change is a lack of energy market
transparency and widespread access to energy data.

Our vision is a future where every industry has access to the world’s energy data.

Our mission is to decentralize energy data access by mapping
and sharing it globally.

What we stand for

We have 6 core values at ENIAN. These values
represent who we are and how we work:


We equip our team and our customers with the tools they need to be powerful.


We take decisions based on evidence, not politics.


We devote our skills, knowledge, time and resources to solving problems that matter most.

Think big

We aim to build products for professionals worldwide.


We take responsibility for the impact we have on earth right now. We aim to make the world a better place for future generations.


We are enthusiastic about what’s possible and we only use technology for good.

Current positions

We’re always looking for talented, passionate candidates
who share our vision of a sustainable future.