Simplify renewable energy with software.

From the office to the site, one platform to keep all your projects on time and on budget.


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Manage teams, files, risks and financials easily from one interface. Reduce waste, boost margins.

Improve coordination between internal and external teams with 24/7 time tracking. Greater visibility, lower costs.

Reduce reliance on insecure email and messy spreadsheets. Focus time on tasks that matter most.

Our software is built by industry leaders to help you secure better project ROIs- even while working from home


SMEs, EPCs, IPPs, utilities and energy companies


Equity and debt capital providers


Corporate finance, law firms, consultants, governments

More projects. Less headaches.
Better margins.

Project Management
File Management
Risk Management
Financial Management
Tender Management

Manage teams, assign tasks and track time easily from the office to on-site.

Connect documents with milestones to streamline all planning, permitting and legal work.

Track project risks in real-time across your whole team. Set priorities so that teams focus on the most critical tasks.

Stay on budget with dynamic cash flows.
Streamline reporting to investment and development partners.

Send out Requests for Proposals for more efficient bidding and collaboration.


“ENIAN’s platform gives a competitive advantage to development and investment teams. It reduces the pain of finding and analyzing the right information for any project, saving time and cost.”

Christian Spies

VP Global Business Development

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